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Wild Rides

We are pleased to write our two-becoming-one story has quickly changed from one to one plus one and now one plus one plus two. Jack and Bailey arrived Sunday afternoon and greeted us with hugs and smiles. They were no less worn for the wear from their 20-hour trek to the North Country. Let the games begin!

Our hearts are set to listen more than we speak and to give more than we take. We are intent to navigate this new family togetherness well. So far so well. Our “we’ll figure it out” attitudes bring a calming peace to every needed adjustment. Any missteps are steadied by the Father’s sure hand. He is here. He is our Steady, Safe Rock in the most turbulent whitewater. His truth-filled words that we’ve hidden in our hearts through the years are flowing easily and with kindness.

Our first adventure was in a rubber raft on the Hudson this week. The sunlight shining through the feathery firs couldn’t compete with the brightness of the smiles on all of our faces. The gift of a soaring bald eagle sighted above us inspired me to recall scripture’s reminder that our waiting on the LORD and His good hand is His desire. Surely, our hearts are set on finding Him and enjoying Him on this wonder-filled ride.

Next up, we add two more to the mix as we travel to NYC for the weekend. This wild ride is not over! Yeah! Oh, the wonder of the Father’s hand in all of this. I stand amazed in His presence.

Blessing you, today, with a wild ride of your own.

-Susan (of the Wildflowers)

Ps 68:6

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