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Turned Inside Out

We cannot give what we do not have. This fact is a matter of import and export, and within and without. Isn’t it clear that what is within the cup is what will be poured out of the cup? Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” (Mt 22:39). I know I’ve heard many sermons on the first part, but have you heard any on the second? What does it mean to love ourselves?

It seems obvious, essential, and important that whatever we give is dependent on the measure we’ve invested in ourselves. Simply put, if we give something of quality it’s because we’ve got that quality within us to give. To “love ourselves,” means to invest in the quality of our souls, to be at peace and at a place of wholeness and healthiness so that we become GIVERS and LOVERS beyond ourselves.

Sadly, we often read that we are the unhealthiest generation that’s ever lived: most addicted, most obese, most selfish, most self-obsessed, most suicidal, and most lonely. Men and women have lost their identity. The concepts of family and marriage are in chaos. It is accepted thinking that there is no truth and all is relative (you decide what truth is and you define your reality). Hogwash.

I suggest we need to get back to caring for our souls and that this is where Jesus was going when He told us that the way we love and take care of the peace and healthiness of our own souls would be in same way we would care (or not care) for others.

SOUL CARE starts with prioritizing God and daily discipling our minds to think with a Biblical Worldview.

SOUL CARE means believing our souls (the sum of our mind, will, and emotions) are the most important thing we own and that we will be held to account for how we grow or not.

SOUL CARE grows with knowing what’s most essential and making daily and hourly choices that invest in the virtues of God and cultivate good fruit. Great gardens don’t just happen, do they?

We too must get out of our minds that this is a selfish pursuit and see that our wholeness in God and healthiness of soul enables us to LOVE WELL. Pour in FIRST, pour our SECOND. Breathe in then breathe out. Clean my room first so that I can then help others clean theirs. SOUL CARE pleases God and satisfies. Take care!


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