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We have seen God's good hand at work time and time again, as Creator, as Jesus the Word Become Flesh and Redeeming Savior, and as powerful Holy Spirit presence. Even when we could not see it, we knew His immutable good heart was for us no matter the difficulty we faced. His faithfulness, proven time and again, brings us comfort in even the most dire circumstances that all will be well. His Word is absolutely true. It never changes. He never changes. He does what He says He will do. He is a Nail Fastened in a Sure Place (Is 22:23) upon which we can secure our lives.

Just one week ago we closed on our home in Georgia. In the midst of the excitement of this new season for our growing family, we received news that a dear Aunt, Susan's mother's twin, was in her final days on earth. We set our move plans on hold to rush to her side.

A remarkable faith-filled God-warrior, Aunt Letha gave more joy than she consumed, spoke wisely, and led many to the redemptive path of forgiveness and trust in the Savior and abundant compassion. She buried her only two children and husband before they should have been called home and continued to love and serve her Lord without anger or bitterness. Instead, in the midst of her sorrow, she sang louder, loved more fiercely, and lived life more joyfully. Thank you, Father, for her life's legacy. She will be greatly missed when she's called home but not yet. As we pray for her healing, we celebrate God's good hand to keep her with us and long to see His miracle-working power to sustain her each day.

Back from Tennessee and at home in our new Georgia home for only a couple of days, today we are on the road again to Pennsylvania to visit Chris' sister who is facing seemingly impossible circumstances. We again, though helpless, are desperate to place our faith in the Faithful One. He is able. He knows and sees all. He is here. His compassion is boundless. There is nothing that He cannot do. We are trusting His heart to sustain and perform miracles again.

As we travel, we are keeping you and your families in our prayers this day. Trust Him. He is Worthy.

-Susan (of the Wildflowers)

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