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Updated: Aug 28, 2022


“Take Buddha out of Buddhism, Mohammed out of Islam, and, in like manner, the founders of various other religions out of their religions, and little would be changed. But take Christ out of Christianity and there would be nothing left. Christianity is not a philosophy or ethic; it is a personal relationship with a living Savior.” (Anonymous)

I’ve noticed that people seem to be okay with God. But mention Jesus and they go spastic, ballistic, or worse. Scripture hands it to us straight that He is the Rock of Offense. Isaiah 8:14 clearly states: “He will be a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall.”

Everything hinges on Jesus. We have no faith, no Christianity without Christ.

It is the question of history for every human on the planet. It is the defining question of eternity: “Who do you say that I am?”

Friends, there has never been anyone like Jesus. In all human history, there has never been another person as amazingly, singularly unique as He.

I think it’s true that if you polled most people in this world and asked, “Who was the greatest teacher who ever lived," most would say Jesus. If you asked, “In all history, who has lived the most holy or pure life,” most would answer Jesus. If you asked this too, “Of anyone who has ever lived, what person has lived the most supernatural life or has shown the most power in his life,” most would agree that it is Jesus of Nazareth.

Then this same Man, who we’re calling totally unique in human history, foretells again and again, His own death AND resurrection. And all this incredibly happens just as He foretells it would and then appears, after many saw Him die on a Roman cross, to a crowd of 500 (many of whom were still alive when this was written and surely would have disputed it if it wasn’t true)!

Now, if you can agree with these things and believe them to be true, it’s very hard to imagine this Man being a lunatic or a liar. And if He is not a lunatic or liar (as C.S. Lewis so wonderfully puts it), then He must be who He said He was—He must be Lord.

As no one, not Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius or Moses, made the claims Jesus did and no one lived the unique life He did, His surrendered life clearly bids for our hearts not just as a Savior but, even more, as a Lord and King. He then is not just to be believed in or assigned some casual place of mental ascent but as a Living Person to be worshipped, adored, glorified and followed.

Clearly His disciples did. It seems likely that if all this was a sham, a clever scheme, an elaborate plot or ruse that one of the Twelve would have, in the end to save their lives, admitted it. Wouldn’t you have? But none did. They ALL died willingly for what they had experienced to be true.

So, Dear Friends, can I ask: where are you with THE question of history? Where have you landed as to who He is? And, even more, is He just a Savior to you or have you made Him and are determined to follow Him as Lord? Undoubtedly, the Angels are listening to your answer.

I think we know there’s a great gulf there. A consequential distance between: Savior and Lord. No doubt, one is easier to swallow than the other. But, the Greatest Teacher who ever lived, taught again and again on this profound point: it’s not about believing but following, not about duty but devotion, not about law but love, and not about rules but relationship. “Do you know Me?” It is the defining, immeasurable challenge for ALL of us.

Coming to know and love Him as a FRIEND, choosing to sit at His feet as Mary did and in our hearts, selling all we have to purchase the pearl of great price: this is His great hope for all His created ones.

There’s still time and miles in our journey to choose the right direction but tomorrow is not guaranteed to us. Let’s not delay. Yes, Friends, YES, and Amen.

- Chris

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