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The Miracle of All Things Made New

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

We arrive in Oxford under the cover of darkness because of a six-hour departure delay. There is a sharp chill in the air but not in our hearts as our quaint, rustic cabin greets us with warm wood-paneled walls, comfy mission-style furniture, and a wood-burning fireplace. As we try to see through the darkness to catch a glimpse of our surroundings, our city flashlight fails us with its narrow beam so we wait in hope of what will appear tomorrow. The sky is unclouded and the sparkling stars are harbingers.

We rest well and are awakened by the sun’s bright rays. Their warmth does not disappoint us. Neither does the view they illuminate. Our cabin in the woods is on a lake! With renewed enthusiasm that has been sparked by a vision of lazy days spent paddling our kayaks, the Father reminds me His mercies are new every morning and the miracle of His promise to make all things new is as sure as night turns to day.

Miracle: beyond what is humanly possible. God’s hand on and in and through my heart, through His creation (you included, precious One), is waiting for me to see and believe and take hold.

Three miracles of note we witnessed in the past 24 hours:

1. We meet our tenants to give them our house keys and are greeted by their 11-year-old son wearing a t-shirt imprinted with the words, “Made New,” and a toothy smile as he boldly shares his decision to follow Jesus as his LORD earlier in the day. Miraculous grace.

2. During a last-minute confrontation, I yield to God’s grip on my heart and obey His voice to quickly forgive a close friend who has deeply wounded me. Miraculous love.

3. We receive an unlikely return call from a park government official who has gone above and beyond what is expected to accommodate our late arrival so we do not have to spend the night in the car. Miraculous mercy.

All by God’s miraculous hand. All in one day. Just as the sun rises each day and the Savior rose for us all, God continues to make all things new: hearts reconciled to their Maker, sins forgiven, and sicknesses healed. Miracle after miracle. In my life and in yours. Glory! -Susan of the Wildflowers

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