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Recovery Continues

My post-surgery day counting continues. Today is Day 5. I met with one of my surgeons yesterday for a quick look-see and a minor medication adjustment. Good news is: I'm where I'm supposed to be on the recovery scale. Bad news is: Day 5 is supposed to be the most difficult. From here on out everything will feel and look better, I'm assured. On the one hand, I'm glad to be normal which means I've gained most of the feeling back in my face. On the other, what was once numb is not. Really ouchy pain makes me glad for good pain meds. Everyone is encouraging me to not be a Superhero and take the meds. I'm no Superhero of my own strength so I'm taking the meds as told. No problems with obedience here. Speaking of Superheroes, you may be interested to know my recovery has ushered in a divine promotion to Super Star Chaplain.

For a few years, before I met Chris, I served as a Corporate Chaplain in the Atlanta area. My endorsement through the North American Mission Board allowed me a certain confidence that I could walk beside others during their difficult seasons. I left chaplaincy when Chris and I married to bring focused effort to our new union. Little did I see that my Chaplain days were far from over.

Yesterday I was called back into service while waiting for a shuttle back to my hotel after my doctor's appointment at MDAnderson. Here's the scene, I have this apparatus hanging from my nose, a plate wired into my mouth to hold my pieces together, some loopy drugs running through my veins, and a pain-level that makes me want to keep my mouth shut and still when God says: "I'm promoting your status to Super Star Chaplain. See the woman next to you? She needs My Holy Life-Affirming Word. Now. You. Speak." I look at the woman. She looks at me. Then she asks: ....". And so I speak.

In the workplace, God most often called me to love on folks who were going through normal life stuff. Nothing too serious. Not today. Today, I met a woman in the midst of a life and death battle. How, Lord, could I be prepared for this role had I not experienced first hand the Valley of the Shadow? So here I am, in the Valley with others who are walking through the same valley looking for the comfort of a Savior. Yeah, though I walk through this Valley, I do not fear, because you, My Shepherd, are with me. I take my new friend by the hand and speak the name of Jesus. He is life. He is our hope. His hand through your prayers is sustaining me.

Her name is Amanda. Please bring her to the throne of grace and mercy in your prayers.

Love you, friends! Hug your kids. Grateful for your friendship and prayers. 💝

-Susan (of the Wildflowers)

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