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Psalm 23

It is a surprise that our wonderful year has thrown us into God's classroom of learning and leaning this week. We arrived at MD Anderson yesterday (a miracle in and of its own) and are now on the battlefield fighting for my life.

Our tear-stained cheeks and calloused knees tell the tale of our desperation for the healing touch of Jehovah Rapha. He is here. We say, "All is well."

The flurry of activity is overwhelming; yet, the forward motion to defeat this enemy attack keeps us focused. I'm not the only warrior on this battlefield. Every hallway, elevator, waiting room, and chair is filled with warriors battling disease, pain, and attack. My heart is overcome with emotion for each of them and then remember I am a warrior, too.

I am confident that Our Victor leads the way to fight for me and you. I believe He can heal by His power instantly should he choose. I believe in Him no matter the course because He is good and faithful and perfect love. For me, for you, for all His precious created ones, We say "Yes, Lord, You can do anything!" All things are in your hands.

As we rest in His power and strength, we pray for all those who need His compassion and presence today. Come, Father, here, now." We need you to make a way through this difficult place. Amen.

-Susan (of the Wildflowers)

Isaiah 41🌻

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