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Perpetual Spring

Updated: May 15, 2022

A sunny welcome greets us in Rockport, MA this morning with what seems like our perpetual Spring. Traveling north we are enjoying Spring’s bounty once again. The handiwork of the One Who Makes All Things New is fully displayed around and in us.

Our quiet studio is perfect. I have a comfortable leather recliner. Chris has nested on a leather sofa. Outside our front window is a tulip poplar in full bloom. We have enjoyed three months of blooming poplars. Remarkable.

In conversation we drift to the months ahead but quickly return to the present moment because it is so very pleasant and beautiful and good. ”Thank you, good, good, Father,” is our heart song. You are good. Your goodness does not disappoint (Ps 16:11).

-Susan (of the Wildflower)

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