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Of Pets and Other Creatures

I was happy to have this view in my isolation room in the hospital today. I was prepped for a PET scan and was told to sit in this small closet of a room for an hour. I was not allowed to move about at all, not even read anything (too much eye exercise). This was somewhat disappointing because I had never had a PET scan before and I was very much looking forward to interacting with the pets.

We had visited the Cockrell Butterfly House a day or two before and saw up close and personal not only butterflies but a variety of bugs and beetles, and a rather gnarly iguana.

We were delighted to see some beautiful flowers and foliage there as well.

Unfortunately for me, I learned from my PET scan that they couldn't find a single pet anywhere within me. Not sure what they did see yet but I'm sure we'll know soon enough. In the meantime, we look forward to a good night's rest.

As I sleep, I will meditate on the joyful words in Revelation 5:11.

“Then I looked, and I heard the voices of myriads of angels in circles around the throne, as well as the voices of the living creatures and the elders—myriads and myriads! And as I watched, all of them were singing with thunderous voices: “Worthy is Christ the Lamb who was slaughtered to receive great power and might, wealth and wisdom, and honor, glory, and praise!” Then every living being joined the angelic choir. Every creature in heaven and on earth, under the earth, in the sea, and everything in them, were worshiping with one voice, saying: “Praise, honor, glory, and dominion be to God-Enthroned and to Christ the Lamb forever and ever!””(Rev‬ ‭5‬:‭11‬-‭13‬ ‭TPT‬‬)

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment for a Friday am surgery. I'm in more pain physically that doesn't seem to go away for long even with meds. If you would pray for less pain and healing I would be most thankful.

Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Good Shepherd, is here and the Holy Spirit, His Comforter, has us wrapped in His arms. All is well.

Praying for you today, too, and blessing you with peace and joy in every journey.

-Susan (of the Wildflowers)🌻

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