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Less Is More

I’ve always been a guy in a hurry. But lately I’ve been enjoying—I mean really enjoying—slowing down. Maybe it’s my East Coast upbringing or my performance-orientation or my “get the most out of life” drivenness. But honestly, the shoe dropped today in my soul, it’s fear.

Fear somehow, some way that I’m missing out. Like being in a life-long pit and although occasionally getting near the top, never quite being able to climb out. Or that the “pie of life” is only so big and has only so many slices and if I’m not studying things closely or if I get tired or lazy or if I get distracted or lose focus, I’ll miss my time and there’ll be no slice of pie left for me.

Funny, it started actually with driving the speed limit. Yes and sorry, confession time, this is a very new thing for me. All my driving years, I’ve always been a 5-10 miles per hour OVER the speed limit kind of guy. See, I’m always in a hurry.

Yet lately, with rising gas prices and a new appreciation for fuel consumption and in our new season of life with no real agenda or schedule to vigilantly keep—I’ve said, let’s try this—each day, all the time, actually drive the speed limit. I’ve been laughing at the impact. I can feel my heart rate come down. I’m noticing the coming springtime as I pass by the daffodil-covered hills and budding dogwoods. I’m thinking more deeply and praying more often and smiling at the drivers passing me by.

If you’re shaking your head with me, let’s start a movement. Slow is good. Less is more.


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