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It’s a Wonderful Life!

The Christmas holidays have come and gone. If you are like us, you exhale a sigh of relief when the decorations have been stored and the tree has been donated to help the local fish. We had a much fuller house for nearly a month. In all the excitement, we were constantly reminded that we have been given wonderful life!

There have been many miracles this season including Chris' sister's continuing recovery, the celebration of My Aunt's homegoing, the enjoyment of visiting kids and grandkids, the making of new friends in an amazingly beautiful community, and opportunity after opportunity to give and receive love and grace and forgiveness. Isn't that just how wonderful life was designed? Perfect life? No, not yet. Wonder-Full life? Absolutely!

As the wonders continue, we wish you and your families much wonder this year! God, in all His glory, is here. All is well.

Love from the Georgia mountains,

Susan (of the Wildflowers)

P.S., My first read of 2023: Changed into His Likeness, by Watchman Nee. What's yours?

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