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God’s Story in Wyoming

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

We are witnessing God’s glory in every corner of our new Wyoming location.  In Cheyenne for just over a week, we observe that everything here is big and vast and boundless (including hats, trucks, belt buckles, boots, steers, steaks, and rhinestones).  Isn’t it just like God to speak unmistakably through His creation and created ones?   The sky goes on and on just like His protection.  The grassy lands go on and on just like His provision.  There seems to be no end to every vista-framed road: varied, rugged, and wind-blown just like the roads He has appointed for us to walk as we scatter His seeds of love and healing along the way.  


Even though stillness and silence visit our days, praises to our Creator are never far from our lips.  We left behind a very busy summer vacation life that was filled with wild rides, family, and friends to usher in a new West adventure for just the two of us as we continue our honeymoon “Senior Gap Year.”  Our marriage landscape has changed just like our surroundings.   Six months into marriage, we enjoy a familiarity with each other that is refreshing and calming and more secure.  An easy pace and pleasant companionship set the tempo for most days.  Stressful transitions, new locations, unfamiliar surroundings, and unknowns are now met with a problem-solving focused unison instead of opposition and discord.


How this change happened is nothing short of the same miracle that created the glaciers which carved the landscape that surrounds us.  My heart, once sealed by fear and the possibility of the worst, is being slowly and gently transformed to see by faith and not sight.  The miracle of two-becoming-one is happening as we align our lives with God’s truth-filled Word.  What blessings He gives to those who surrender their way, their will, for His!  Our surrender to love each other His way is the birthplace of our hope.   


I am grateful.  Your prayers for us sustain us.  Likewise, you are remembered in our prayers as He continues to tell His story around us, in us, and through us.  He is here.  All is well.


-Susan (of the Wildflowers) Ps 19:1-6

P.S. Here are a few pics…

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