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Building on the Rock

Updated: Apr 22

Chris and I are building, building, building: building a marriage, building a home, and building a Christ-centered life. Every step, following in cadence with the Father in mind, is challenging us to remember His character and ways.

God is without limits and enormous beyond our ability to measure. No thing is impossible with Him. He is good and just. His mercy and grace abound. He is in all and works through all: atoning, justifying, regenerating. He is perfection and holiness. Full. Complete. All of Him is within our reach because He is close, He is near, He is here.

As we walked the streets of Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago, we felt His nearness. As we baptized each other in the Jordan River, we renewed our commitment to follow Him. As we furnish our home to welcome family and friends, He is on our minds and in our planning. As we take time to cherish each other and invest in the building of our marriage, we marvel at His hand which is crafting a beautiful love story that we are living in real time. We are not holding back. We are ungoverned. We are leaning in: to each other, to those He is bringing to us, and to His will for us.

Grateful for what He has done, is doing, and will do, grateful for every blessing, grateful to be fully made right in His eyes, grateful for grace upon grace of undeserved favor, our prayer today is to be more like Him. We are trusting Him to help. He is the One Who Fills the Heart-Gap. He is the One Who Opens and Closes. As we surrender to His building plans and methods, it is He who turns our hearts from:

•. Unholiness in the presence of His Holiness,

•. Self-indulgence to the boldness of a selfless Jesus,

•. Harshness to His tender kindness,

•. Hardness to His unrelenting forgiveness,

•. Luke-warmness to His zeal, and

•. World-mindedness to His heaven-mindedness.

He is the Chief Architect, General Contractor, and Cornerstone. What He is building in and through us will be magnificent. Our prayers for you, Precious Friends, are the same: that you would know Him and allow Him to build in and through you, too. Build on the Rock of Ages. He is here for us. He is able and ready to build. All is well.

-Susan (of the Wildflowers)

P.S. Most of my thoughts in today's post have come from A. W. Tozer's book, "The Attributes of God, A Journey Into the Father's Heart." I recommend it.

P.P.S. Below are a few pics of our days in Israel, Amsterdam, recent family visits, and our mountain Spring. Come visit us! Open invitation.

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