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Becoming Rooted and Established in Love

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect week than the one we shared in the Adirondacks this past week.  We celebrated Independence Day with a family picnic on Long Lake. 

Watching Chris and Nathan compete in the egg toss, jump off the lake’s diving platform, hike through the woods to Buttermilk Falls, eat hot dogs cooked by the local fire department, and stare slack-jawed into the night sky filled with fireworks was a made-in-heaven movie just for me.  Our other days have been action-packed and have kept us running on premium grade love and laughter fuel.

Nathan is a delight and as an 11-soon-to-be-12-year-old (uh-hum) he’s adding zest and zip to our deepening union.  Family devotions and intentional discussions are helping us navigate our different communication styles.  We are learning to appreciate and celebrate our differences. 

Nathan is a wonder.  Chris and I are sharing much joy that comes with each laughter-filled moment.  Turns-of-phrases, quick-witted observations, and unbounded curiosities visit most of our hours.  The best part for me is watching Chris’ face light up as he talks, plays, and pours his God-given goodness into Nathan.  It is a blessing to be a spectator to these miracle-unfolding moments.

As I watch and listen to my cherished ones, I hear the Holy Spirit teaching me.  His voice is clear: “This is the Father’s amazing love at work.”  He calls me to take root in this holy love.  What love the Father has for me, for you, for us!  From His good hand our hearts are filled and in the filling our roots are established.

I pray today you know His love, too, and experience it in abundance.  He is here.  All is well.

-Susan (of the Wildflowers)

Eph 3:17-19

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