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A Picture Perfect Year!

We are settling nicely into our mountain home and loving the cooler temperatures and sun-saturated shades of green. Chris has given our home the moniker, “The Sanctuary.” For all intents and purposes, we live in a tree house. Peace has come to our new dwelling place. Our marriage is growing and thriving in the surrounding beauty. Undoubtedly, our obedience to work on our marriage first and foremost, has rewarded us now with a refreshing ride in a river of blessing. Looking back we have had a picture perfect year.

I put together a picture book of our favorite 2022(ish) photos and it has a prominent place in our living room. I’m also posting a few of its pages in the photo gallery below for you to enjoy as well. I’m not a Facebook follower/poster or any other social media participant for that matter. I struggle to know the difference between which posts are braggadocios and which are informational so I have decided to avoid the pitfalls of misunderstanding and not participate. It is a choice that fits me but I certainly understand those who may want to participate in it. To each his own, right?

But I do think there is something special in the telling of our story through our blog that is God-glorifying. To glorify God is our intention in all Chris and I undertake. So, I hope you view our photos through the lens of humility and gratitude. Our love story is His story, working through us and for us. He has done great things. He continues to do great things.

As we settle into summer, we are planning, wisely, frugally, and carefully, to live our lives as great stewards of the things He has given us: money, love, time, health. We trust His hand, hear His voice, and are choosing to listen to and obey His words because we love Him so very much. He loves you, too! We celebrate His love for us today and each day and are encouraged by His love for us to love each other and others well, generously, and joyfully.

We have a month of July Sundays coming up with family and friend visits. This is our greatest joy for sure. River tubing, mountain hiking, creek wading, crawdad catching, firefly catching, and fireside sing-a-longs are on the agenda along with plenty of Georgia peach pie, fresh-caught trout (which Nathan say’s he’s going to clean), and summer corn and tomatoes, in that order!

The Creator, the Almighty, the Holy One is here. Here for us. Here for you. All is well.

Praying for you and your families this day. Come visit. There is always room with us at His table. (Psalm 23)

- Susan (of the Wildflowers)

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